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MuddySump - update

Hi all Been quiet on here for a while, actually been really busy with work, was expecting a 4 month winter holiday now so thanks for keeping me busy everybody. Jobs are booked up for… Read more »

Scot 12k stopover

MuddySump - 12k Stop over

Scot has been and gone.  14,000 miles so far on his Tiger 800XCX, so 12k service slightly over due.  Arrived at mine on the 7th after a very wet ride up from Skegness in the… Read more »

You meet the nicest...

MuddySump - the nicest people

TRIUMPH I got my dream job working on bikes in 2008.  Started off at Harley Davidson then changed to Triumph in 2010.  Working in the motor trade in a dealership wasn’t all it was made… Read more »

Scot’s RTW...

MuddySump - Scot's RTW adventure

I thought I travel far to do some services. Scot’s doing a Round the world trip on his Triumph Tiger 800 XCX.  He’s going to be in the UK around October and meeting up with… Read more »


The price of parts keep going up slightly.  I’m going to keep my prices the same this year but there will be a slight increase next year due to that.   David

What site...

Is there anything you would like to see on here to make the site easier to understand or get around? Another section with something else you would like to see? I’ve had people asking about… Read more »

Haggs Bank All...

Fun time had at the first Adventure Spec Rally earlier this month. From learning adventure first aid, river crossing and riding skills in a practice field.   The weather stayed good for the days with only the… Read more »


Didn’t have time to do April’s own post as was busy with a few jobs and then getting stuff organised for May. May was my busiest month so far with 8 days down south, back… Read more »


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