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Well I’ve been looking around for a while and somewhere has finally came up close to me for a decent price. I’m still going to be doing all the mobile work as that is what… Read more »

Partial Van...

MuddySump - Partial Van conversion

Since I’m sleeping in my van when I’m away from home working I decided to convert it a bit to make it a bit more comfortable to live in, especially during the winter months. So… Read more »

New addition to the...

MuddySump - New addition to the family

Going self employed, I had the idea of having more time to myself and getting out on my bike more and doing some enduros.  The first year was busier than I imagined it would be… Read more »

Tiger 800/XC chain...

MuddySump - Chain rubbing strips

Triumph have stopped using the old style chain rubbing strips on the old shape tiger 800’s and have superseded the part to this kit which includes the new chain strip and the two rubber inserts…. Read more »


MuddySump - Giveaway!

I’m giving away a Motion Pro seal mate to one winner for the opening of my shop.  Head on over to my Facebook page, like the page and like and share the post that is shown… Read more »


MuddySump - update

Hi all Been quiet on here for a while, actually been really busy with work, was expecting a 4 month winter holiday now so thanks for keeping me busy everybody. Jobs are booked up for… Read more »

Scot 12k stopover

MuddySump - 12k Stop over

Scot has been and gone.  14,000 miles so far on his Tiger 800XCX, so 12k service slightly over due.  Arrived at mine on the 7th after a very wet ride up from Skegness in the… Read more »

You meet the nicest...

MuddySump - the nicest people

TRIUMPH I got my dream job working on bikes in 2008.  Started off at Harley Davidson then changed to Triumph in 2010.  Working in the motor trade in a dealership wasn’t all it was made… Read more »


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