Triumph Tiger 800 Accessories

Rox Risers
Depending on the position you are putting your risers you may need to fasten them on in a different way to be able to tighten the clamps down.
Take the allen keys out with you on your road test so you can make any final adjustments
8mm allen key – 35Nm
6mm allen key – 26Nm

Touratech Manifold guards
Easy to fit and only one tool required to install
Can use either 7mm socket, philips or flat screwdriver

Touratech front mudguard riser
Torx 30 to get the standard screws off
4mm allen key to mount the screws in the kit

Triumph headlight protector
Only two tools needed to do it,
3mm allen key
Torx 25



The videos are much appreciated by this backyard mechanic. If you can figure out how to get that service van to Montana I could sure use some help. Great job!


Thanks Scott
Will be a bit expensive getting it over there though 🙂

Reid Campbell Rodgers

Thanks for the “How To Videos”! A huge help for me when tearing into my 2010 Tiger1050. Watch many times over.


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