New addition to the family

Going self employed, I had the idea of having more time to myself and getting out on my bike more and doing some enduros.  The first year was busier than I imagined it would be so didn’t really plan my time too well.

This year I’ve joined an enduro club, XC Enduro, and signed up for the first 2 rounds and hopefully plan work around the others.

I was thinking of just doing them on my DRZ but it is quite old and heavy so thought I’d treat myself to a new bike.


It’s a Husqvarna TE 300 and compared to the DRZ the power and weight is ridiculous.  Only been out on it once so far to run it in and get the original oil changed.  Now its sitting next to me in the house all clean again and ready for my first enduro on the 27th.



I’ve still got the DRZ and can’t decide if I should just keep it for greenlaning or set it up for more adventure style riding.  Either way I now have time to get it pulled apart and give it a good strip down and service so will hopefully get some more videos for that done soon.


Thanks for looking