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Service enquiries

Don’t leave a comment on a pages post asking for work, email direct to [email protected] I’ve only just seen all the posts, some off last year. I haven’t got notifications turned on for the comments… Read more »

Double Update

!!DOUBLE UPDATE!! 1 – I’ve never increased prices since I started in 2015 even though a few things have been slowly rising but now Triumph have just raised the prices of all the service kits… Read more »

Update On Bikes Covered

MuddySump - update

Due to not been able to get updates for the newer TFT screen models and not done any engine work on the new twins, I’m not currently working on those, unless I can get one… Read more »

Taking work on

Fun time is over and time to get back to work. Had a good time mountain biking around England and Wales and need more breaks like that to break up work life a bit.  … Read more »

Everyone thinks I’m already away

Only just finished all the jobs that i booked in from last year.  Thought I was going to be finished around May but had a lot more than I expected. My original plan was to… Read more »

It’s break time

Not currently taking anymore work on. I’m going to do what’s already booked in and the jobs of people that have already emailed me that I still need to reply to and organise. I need… Read more »


Well I’ve been looking around for a while and somewhere has finally came up close to me for a decent price. I’m still going to be doing all the mobile work as that is what… Read more »

Partial Van Conversion

MuddySump - Partial Van conversion

Since I’m sleeping in my van when I’m away from home working I decided to convert it a bit to make it a bit more comfortable to live in, especially during the winter months. So… Read more »