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For Sale

Added a For Sale section on the site now. Will be selling various parts and accessories off bikes that I have got, maybe other things too. It’s first come first served so get in there… Read more »

Mobile Mechanic, coming soon

People who follow me on Facebook and Twitter will of seen already that I’m starting to set up my own mobile mechanic business.  I’ve bought a van now, a high roof, long wheel base Citroen… Read more »

Whats In The Toolbox?

What is in the toolbox? I finally got a new computer and can start using editing software without waiting hours for things to render. First job was editing the Intro video for my gear reviews…. Read more »

1000 Subscribers

Made it to 1000 Youtube subscribers.  Thanks to everyone for subscribing and watching my videos.  Still got lots of videos to do for both bikes and going to be starting a new series of tools… Read more »

Did you see the new section?

Added a new section putting Google earth links of the UK green lanes that have been getting shown in Adventure Bike Rider magazine. The lanes are rated out of 5 for difficulty and WOW factor… Read more »

Good News & Bad News

Bad News: Going to be selling my Tiger. I barely use it and need some money and should still be able to get a good price for it selling it now. Good News: Going to… Read more »

100,000 on YouTube

Made it to over 100,000 total views on youtube now. Thanks for watching and your support

500 Subs on YouTube

Just made it to 500 youtube subscribers today. Thanks for following everyone. Not had much time to get any filming done recently and the garage is getting colder, time for another can of propane gas… Read more »