Double Update


1 – I’ve never increased prices since I started in 2015 even though a few things have been slowly rising but now Triumph have just raised the prices of all the service kits by around £40 so need to raise mine too. 

Since the work is already booked in August’s jobs will stay the same price, Septembers and October’s  major services will just go up by £10. 

From November there will be new prices, going to see what I can do to keep them as low as possible but can’t lose £40 per service. 

2 – I’m expecting a hospital appointment for surgery sometime at the end of the year so haven’t been taking anymore work on recently while I’m trying to get everyone I’ve already said I’d do done. Don’t know when it’s going to be yet, told it’s usually a 4-5 month wait so could be December so will hopefully have got everything done by then.