Scot 12k stopover

Scot has been and gone.  14,000 miles so far on his Tiger 800XCX, so 12k service slightly over due.  Arrived at mine on the 7th after a very wet ride up from Skegness in the morning.  Got his bike unloaded and got a start on the service in the afternoon getting the majority of it done and just leaving the valve check and cam timing adjustment to be done the next day when the engine was cold.

All clearances were in spec still, I’m finding that the bikes that get used for touring or just long rides always seem to be in spec compared to the ones that get used for back and forth short rides to work etc, but you still need to take it all apart anyway for the cam adjustment.

Bike was finished and loaded back up by about 1pm and the glorious English sun was back out again ready for him to set off.  I led the way on my Honda out of Sunderland and through Newcastle up to the A69 where he was heading to Hexham for the night and to see parts of Hadrian’s Wall.

You can see his blog post about this part of the trip here:


Enjoy the rest of your journey Scot