Hi all

Been quiet on here for a while, actually been really busy with work, was expecting a 4 month winter holiday now so thanks for keeping me busy everybody.

Jobs are booked up for December now and I’ll be heading South again from the 4th-15th then up to Scotland for 4 days from the 17th.  I expect it’s going to be a bit colder than it was last month sleeping in the van 😀

Started booking work for February so will start working again from there next year.  I’ve started getting some stock in for an online shop which is going to include various tools and bike gear including bike specific puncture repair kits and Motion Pro tools.  Same tools that I have used for years on my bikes so know they are good quality.


Couple of examples of items I’m going to be selling

tyre kit motion-pro-trail-tool_1

Will hopefully get all this sorted for the new year too