You meet the nicest people on a….


I got my dream job working on bikes in 2008.  Started off at Harley Davidson then changed to Triumph in 2010.  Working in the motor trade in a dealership wasn’t all it was made out to be, at least not where i worked, working long hours on multiple bikes at the same time for £14,560 a year.

Who would of thought that just making a few videos of servicing my bikes would become so popular that it allowed me to quit working for someone else and start working for myself instead.

You always read stories about people on bike trips going to foreign lands and getting treat well.  I’m seeing the exact same thing right here, at home in the UK.  I’ve been offered accommodation, fed, tea and coffee on tap.

This is what I thought working with bikes would be like.  Actually getting to see and talk to the owners and loving your job, not just stuck in the workshop at the back of the shop.

Thanks to everybody so far with all the support and for letting me work on your bikes.  The business is doing better than what I thought it would of done so far.  Also thanks to A1 Moto in York for supplying me with all the parts, all that my ex boss offered was a threat to take me to court if I worked in a 100 mile radius of the shop.

I know it will quiet down soon, it always does with bikes and winter.  I’m looking into something else for when that happens like adding a shop to the website, selling tools and bike clothing.  Not sure how to work it yet though as i cant afford to just buy loads of stock that could not sell.


Thanks again



P.S. you do meet nice people on a Honda too, i have one right now 😉