Didn’t have time to do April’s own post as was busy with a few jobs and then getting stuff organised for May.

May was my busiest month so far with 8 days down south, back home for a day, then up to Scotland for 2 days.  Managed to take the Sun with me everywhere I went which was good as there were a few of jobs that i had to work outside.


I do have an awning on the side of my van which i planned on using in those cases when the weather was bad but seeing it opened with a bike underneath doesn’t really cover the bike or have much space as you have to work right next to the van.  I’m looking at fold-up marquees now which would be better as you can put them where you need them and get sides for them too.  Just need to decide on a size that is going to be big enough to work under but small enough to put up where I need it.


Some bit back from a few of the jobs these months


Had a drive down to the Triumph Tiger mega meet in Norfolk on the 8th May.  Was a good turn out with about 30 bikes there heading for the ride out on Saturday morning.

2015 Totals Annual 6k 12k 24k Valve check
Tiger 800 5 13 5 1 2
Tiger Explorer 1
Tiger 1050 1
Street Triple 1
Daytona 1
Sprint 1050 1 1
Bonneville 1
Thunderbird 1