Tiger 800

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Valve Clearance Check

Tools required:

  • 10mm spanner for throttle cables
  • Long #2 phillips screwdriver for throttle cable plate
  • 6mm allen key for cam cover screws 10Nm
  • Feeler gauges
  • .10-.20mm intake
  • .325-.375mm exhaust
Brake Fluid Change

Tools required:

  • 8mm spanner for bleed nipples 6Nm
  • No.2 phillips screwdriver for cap screws 1.5Nm
  • Bleeding tool. I used a Mityvac MV8020
Chain Rubbing Strip Replace

Tools required:

  • 8mm socket for the sprocket guard
  • 5mm allen keyย for chain guard & rubbing strip
  • 6mm allen key some models have 6mm screw fitted in rubbing strip

All screws are tightened to 9Nm

Coolant change

Tools required:

  • 6mm socket or #2 phillips screwdriver for the jubilee clips. Tighten the clips to 2Nm
  • #3 phillips screwdriver for the bleed screw. Tighten the bleed screw to 1.5Nm You should be able to do a complete coolant change with 2 bottles of the Triumph coolant.
12k Service kit unboxing

A quick look at what you get inside the service kit. ย The kit is only needed for the service at every 12000 miles as its a more major service

Chain clean, adjust and lube

Free play on the chain is 20-30 mm for both the XC and Road version and should be checked at the tight spot of the chain with the bike upright with both wheels on the floor. If your using a paddock stand that should be the same as having it on the floor.The Road free play used to be 15-25 mm but was changed to the same as the XC.

  • 12 & 13mm spanners for chain adjusters – 15Nm
  • 27mm socket for axle nut – 110Nm
Rear Wheel Removal + Re fit

You don’t need to remove the chain and sprocket plastic guards but it does make it easier to get the chain back on without them as you have more space to get it on the sprocket.

  • 12mm socket for rear caliper – 22Nm
  • 14mm socket for rear caliper – 27Nm
  • 27mm socket for axle nut – 110Nm
Rear Pads change/clean

If you are just cleaning your pads there is no need to remove the caliper. Just if you are going to be pushing the pistons right back to fit new pads then it is better to clean them to stop pushing dirt into the seals and possibly causing leaks

  • You need a flat screwdriver to remove the pin plug – 3Nm
  • 5mm allen key to remove brake pad pin – 18Nm
  • 12mm socket to remove the caliper bolt to get the pads out – 22Nm
  • 14mm socket for the bolt to remove the caliper – 27Nm
Front Pads change/clean

If you are just cleaning your pads there is no need to remove the caliper. Just if you are going to be pushing the pistons right back to fit new pads then it is better to clean them to stop pushing dirt into the seals and possibly causing leaks

  • You need a flat screwdriver to remove the pin plug – 3Nm
  • 5mm allen key to remove brake pad pin – 18Nm
  • 12mm socket to remove the caliper bolts – 21Nm
Oil & Filter Change

  • 8mm allen key for drain bolt – 25Nm
  • Filter socket for oil filter removal – 10Nm

Best to drain the oil when the engine is warm. After refitting the drain plug with new sealing washer, and a new oil filter. Fill the engine with your new oil, I use fully synthetic but it can take semi also. It will take about 3.5 litres to fill. Check the level in the sight glass while filling with the bike upright. When its near the top mark run the engine for a couple of minutes to get the oil warmed up and around the engine, turn it off and let it sit for a minute then check the level again with the bike upright. Top up as required.

Front wheel removal, Inspection, Re-fit

  • 12mm socket to remove brake caliper – 21Nm
  • 6mm allen key for axle pinch bolts – 22Nm
  • 17mm allen key for front axle – 65Nm

You are going to need someway to support the bike to remove the wheel, I was using the centre stand and used ratchet straps on the rear grab handles and fastened them to the bottom of the garage door.

Throttle body plate (butterfly) clean/check

No tools requiredClean parts with a cleaner and a clean cloth Check the throttles for sticking, loose or damaged throttle plates, butterfly should open smoothly when opening and closing the throttle

Air filter & Air box removal/re fit

Requires removal of the fuel tank

  • 7mm socket
  • 8mm socket
  • No.2 phillips screwdriver
  • 7mm air box lid screws – 1.5 Nm
  • 8mm screw under air filter – 9 Nm
  • Air filter phillips screws – 1 Nm
ย  ย 
Spark plug removal, check & re fit

Requires removal of the fuel tank

  • 10mm spark plug socket with an extension
  • Spark plug torque – 12 Nm
Fuel tank removal video

Tools required:

  • 5mm and 6mm allen keys, some of the older models have a 12mm bolt instead of 6mm allen bolt for the fuel tank mounts
  • 10mm spanner

When putting the fuel line back on make sure the orange clip clicks into place, failure to do so can cause the fuel line to come off with the amount of pressure running through it


95 responses on Tiger 800

  1. Hello,

    Your videos are Tiger XCeptional! Would you do one on a simple chain adjustment. I sure would appreciate it.


    1. Hi, thanks. I was going to do a rear wheel removal video then could also do the chain adjustment one at the same time. Hopefully get it done this weekend

  2. Hello Muddysump,

    Very nice video’s!

    Today I have removed the rear wheel to replace the tire by the dealer. With the removal some clip went lose and I couldn’t found where to fit. I hope your upcomming video will make things clear.


    1. Thanks. Cant think of the clip that you mean. If you want to email a picture of it to admin@muddysump.com ill have a look and let you know. Dont think ill get a chance to make the video till the weekend

  3. I have a 2012 tiger 800xc how do I adjust the clutch and how to rebuild my clutch I think it my have been slipping for some time before I adjusted it.
    it seems like it is Ok how do I know if it is thanks for all your help

  4. Greatly appreciate your service videos. USA citizen here. Willing to donate but Paypal is looking for British pounds. Do you happen to know what will happen if I enter a number?

    1. Hi, Thanks a lot. The money will still transfer and I think will show in dollars afterwards on your paypal. I did it before to donate to someone in the USA before.

  5. Thanks for the videos – they have been very helpful. Will you by chance be doing any videos on balancing the throttle bodies?

  6. I appreciate your videos and they have been very helpful. I was just wondering, are you planning on doing one on the head stock/ steering bearings?Let the dealer do it with the12K valve check and having them do it just adds to the biil.

    1. Hi James, going to be doing full service soon. Site has been down last couple of days for updates so not been able to log in to do a post.
      Head stock lubrication is part of the 12k service anyway so they shouldn’t of charged you more for it, need to take them apart to lube them then torque them back up. There’s a special castle shaped tool that you need to do the job.

    1. Thanks. Yes site will be staying up. Still keeping the DRZ to keep adding to it, might get something else in the future too. What is your site?

  7. Wow, what a great find. I started watching similar videos for my cars a couple years ago and its really led me to become a much better mechanic, do much of my own work when I have the time. As a new Tiger owner, I was thrilled to find what you have here. The videos and narration are fantastic and right on the mark. Adding the tool requirements makes it a no-brainer to this kind of work on my own as I build my confidence in working on the bike overall. Sorry to hear you’re letting the Triumph go, but please don’t lose all this great work. I’ll promote the heck out of it and your site at some of the Triumph/Adv forums. Thanks again, you’ll have a donation coming.

    1. Filming the 12k service now. Its including brake fluid and coolant. Should see them online within the next few weeks

  8. On the floating discs I find the rivets allowing the disc to float get pretty gunged up what do you recommend for sorting this I’ve been using WD40 and then a good wipe bet I’m thinking a good hosing will be better.Less chance of contaminating the pads.
    Great video’s they are really helpful you should be on TV.

    1. Gunged up with what? I wouldn’t recommend using wd40 on your brake discs, better off using a brake cleaner. I use wurth because you can get it in a pump bottle and it lasts ages

  9. Thank you so much for all the tips that you are giving us regarding to the TIGER 800 XC. Very much appreciate it. Now, I feel more confident if I need to unscrew something on my bike. Regards from Costa Rica!

  10. Brilliant videos. As soon as I’ve got my first “free” service out of the way on my 800 I’ll start putting some o these into practice. BTW I think I’ve spotted that you have accidentally put the “Throttle body plate clean/check” video also against the “Air filter & Air box removal” link.

  11. Mr. Sump;

    I watched your video on chain cleaning. You used the term “paraffin” for a cleaning solution. I don’t understand, I can’t find this solution in USA. It looks to be less messy than a spray on solution that instructs you to Hose the chain down with water. Any suggestions as to an American term for the solution you are using?



  12. G’day, Great site man! been very helpful and informative. Glad to hear you’ll keep the site up…. even after the sale of your XC! you’ll be back with another!
    Andy, Australia

    1. Hi, thanks Andy. Yea i’ll keep it all up. Who knows I might even have a different bike to add to it one day ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Great videos! I have a tiger 800 roadie with 1700 miles. The hyme joints on the shift rod seem really sloppy and won’t let me downshift unless I pull the shifter up slightly and then push down. How do I fix this?

    1. Is it when your trying to downshift through a lot of gears at once? Mine used to be the same when doing that, I’ve tried doing it on a few different ones and they’ve all been the same

  14. Awesome site and you are great guy. Just made the decision to order a new t 800 xc and this will be a world of help. I like wrenching but every one is a learning curve. Thank you Muddy Sump.

  15. Hi,
    Great videos MuddySump.
    Since I am trying to change front for internals with cartridge kit from Matris (F12T111S) I am wondering if you have some instruction how to get it done properly and also wher I can buy tools for service my Triumph Tiger 800 (Roadie).


    1. Hi, I’ve filmed a fork strip/oil change video. Not had time to edit and upload yet. Do you mean tools to service the forks? You can buy them from a triumph dealership of somewhere online will probably have similar tools too

  16. late 800 tigers have slotted cam wheels and need the valve timing resetting at 12k service , are u doing a video , note there are lots of triumph tools needed , can u do without these?

    1. Hi, that’s right. It’s just at the first 12k service too to take out the stretch of the cam chain. Supposed to notice a big difference when its done too. I havn’t got a video for it since mine didn’t have it. I’m going to be buying the tools as I’ll be needing them. It started off with the explorers having them, then they added it to the tiger 800’s and the new street triple, daytona and the trophy. I think they are planning on all future bikes having it to.
      You need the tools because it locks the cams in place when you are adjusting them

  17. hi thanks for quick reply
    dealers are charging ยฃ1000+ for 12k that need cam timing resetting
    your pricing for 12k ยฃ198 plus ยฃ92 for service kit are so cheap , think your gonna be busy ! you should talk to main dealers , they might pay you to do there cust bikes , then just mark up your price.
    your service / tick sheet is out of date. (i have a copy of latest sheet let me have your email and i will send)
    extras now all suss linkages / ICS strip lube set up / check all adaptions dtcs ineng, inmo , abs, tpms , print autoscan sheet / remove chain adj bolts and grease , takes dealers a full day + now , hence 8 hours with vat your looking at ยฃ800 ish just for labour !

    1. ยฃ1000 that’s rediculous?!? Got the new tick sheet on the site now. Is it the same one you’ve got? Doesn’t mention chain adjustment bolts.

  18. These videos are excellent. I’ve used them quite a few times. I wish manufacturers would do something like this, but hey, how would they make the final 25% profit on the bike. Thanks so much for taking the time to do these. It must have pissed Triumph off. I’m surprised they didn’t take the bike back off you ages ago ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi, I dont have my bike anymore. The idle setting gets done with the bike plugged into the computer. Is your bike old? There was a recall for the earlier models to get a different tune in the ECM because it was causing that fault. Sometimes if the idle stepper motor is dirty it can cause the fault too, try giving it a clean with dry cleaning spray, like chain cleaner.

  19. As above awesome videos…..engineer to trade however great to see the videos in advance of carrying out any servicing. I am sure that it was mentioned that a video has been done for fork oil changing and refurbishment..would this be going to be added to your videos.

    Sorry to hear you have sold the bike..


    1. Hi, Yes I’ve got a fork video filmed just not had time to edit anything properly yet due to moving house etc. I’ll try and get it all done this year while I’m currently not working


  20. Hi there,
    just setting out to do a 24k miles service on my tiger 800.

    just want to thank you for the instructional videos you’ve posted.. your delivery.. slow and methodical.. filming.. well set up & lit are the best I’ve seen on youtube… excellent !!


  21. still waiting for video to adjust cam timing on later 800s , triumph say you need all there special tools ! is that wot u use ?

    best price i got from dealer for 12k service on late models is ยฃ800 ish (but no extra lab for shim change now as cams have to be removed anyway !

  22. Hello MuddySump just a quick line to say that your service videos for the tiger 800 are really good. Sold mine for a Explorer i have one question how do you drain the coolant ? and do you travel to Devon ?

    1. The drain screw for the radiator is on the lower left hand side of the radiator. The drain screw for the crankcase is on the front of the cylinders on the left hand side with a copper washer behind it. The copper washer should be replaced.
      I travel the whole of the UK


  23. Your videos are clearly the best I’ve seen. I’ve learned so much, benefited from your ability to share your knowledge, and appreciate your expertese. Donation coming.

  24. Cheers for instructional videos. Just completed oil change, brake bleed and chain tension adjustment on my Tiger 800.

    Any chance of you doing a video to cover checking fork smoothness and operation.

    Many thanks


  25. Hi, the fuel pipe from the tank to the engine is a) the wrong one, and b)brittle, and c) it just pulled off, how are you supposed to get it back on without dropping the whole engine?? and should it have any jubillee clips?? btw R reg adventurer.

    thank s in advance, I’ m in france otherwise i’d get you to come and do full service.

    C Lang

    1. Hi, its completely different on those from the tiger 800 video that i show. The fuel line on them is just a bit of rubber fuel hose going to the carbs. I wouldn’t be surprised if its still the same bit of pipe that was fitted from new so could probably do with been replaced. They didnt have jubilee clips, don’t know what you call them but its more of a spring clip that you squeeze with your finger and thumb to open and slide off

  26. Great tutorials!
    Can you tell me what they mean with the Camshaft timing – adjust –
    only first 12,000 miles (20,000 km) ?
    Se timing on the cams? they are adjustable?


    1. Hi Carlos
      On the later model tiger 800/XC, street triple, daytonas, explorers and trophy’s and the new 800’s the cam sprockets are adjusted to take out the stretch from the cam chain. It needs tools to hold the cams in place when it gets done


  27. Hey David,
    thank you so much for these faboulous tutorials!! I was able to replace a defective starter motor and do the engine servicing. Now the Tiger runs like a charm ๐Ÿ™‚
    John from Bavaria

  28. Mate the vids are first rate. I do all my own maintenance so this lot is making it all much easier since I have not had to chase information from triumph. I’ve fitted a pile of accessories to my XC including Booster Plug, 15 t c’shaft sprocket and steering damper and your vids have made it all quicker and easier. I’ll be doing a complete fluids change and valve clearance check next week and will have your tutes on hand. Proper competent mechanics are getting hard to find so good on you man Cheers.

  29. Great video and thanks for spreading your wealth of knowledge.

    Just curious what sort of cleaning solution you are using on metal surfaces in the throttle body area and brake surfaces when checking on those and cleaning them yourself?

  30. Hi,great videos, I was thinking of removing my rear shock for a good strip down and clean, was hoping to remove the spring and have it powder coated.
    Any tips and hints would be greatly appreciated,,,,,cheers.

    1. If you’ve got a centrestand then the easiest way to do it is to take the swing arm off. Take the back wheel off, the rear linkage, then can take the swingarm bolt out and you can slide the swing arm out backwards. Need to take the brake cable clamps off too

  31. Hi There
    First of all thank you for the great vid’s they have been a real big help. So much appreciated
    I noticed on earlier blogs a mention on a fork servicing video just wondered if you ever posted it.
    Thanks Again

    1. Still didnt make the fork video. It’s similar to do as the DRZ fork apart from it doesnt have the adjusters so easier to do since you don’t have to think about that. It has different fork oil and levels though

  32. Hi David, thanks again for the great videos on the Tiger 800. I have a couple of suggestions and a question. A couple videos I could use if you have the opportunity and the inclination.
    1) Fork oil change
    2) Front and rear sprocket and chain replacement.
    As I’m getting ready to change out my sprockets and chain, my question is, do you recommend replacing the rear sprocket bolts with each sprocket replacement?

    1. Still not made the video for the fork oil change on the tiger. You can copy the same procedure as the DRZ fork video minus the adjusters. Has different fork oil and levels though.
      The DRZ chain and sprocket change video is the same thing too. Triumph sell kits and they don’t come with any new nuts so don’t think they need changing. They do come with the lock washer for the front sprocket which don’t come with ones off ebay. Rear sprocket nuts are 55Nm front sprocket is 85Nm

  33. Thanks for these vids, did my first oil change on my ’14 Tiger 800 the other day and fitted Rox risers all with ease thanks to your videos.

  34. These tutorials are awesome and greatly appreciated! I was wondering if you could do one on the rear suspension linkage to be regressed and replacing fork or rear shock oil.

    1. Hi Ryan
      Thought I made one for the rear linkage, mustn’t have. It’s easier to do if you have a centre stand cause you need the weight off the swingarm. Take the back wheel off so you’ve got more space to work then its just the four bolts out to get the linkage and dog bones off. Push the spacers out then you can see the bearings to grease them. Reassemble tightening the bolts to 80Nm.
      I’ve got the footage for the front forks somewhere but not edited. The rear shock you cant do anything with

  35. Thank you for providing such excellent videos. They are truly outstanding! I’m a novice but want to learn and work on my own bike. In the video, shim adjustment for instance, you show what needs to be done to make the adjustment, but not how to determine how much adjustment is needed. Can you point me to a good resource for knowing for this?

    1. Hi Dave
      The Clearances have a certain range they need to be in. Say the clearance allowed is .30 – .40 mm and you measure it and it’s only .25mm then its .05 tighter than the lowest setting allowed. When you see what shim is already in the bike you would put a thinner shim in to get the clearance back into spec. So if it was a 2.50mm shim you could change it with a 2.40mm one then the clearance will be right in the middle at .35mm

  36. David,
    what are the best tyres for Tiger 800 XCx?
    To not to be too noisy on highways, but very good for offroad and on a wet road?
    What do you recommend?

    1. Hi. Any mainly offroad tyre is going to be noisy on the road due to the tread pattern.
      Im seeing quite a few bikes with heidenau k60 scout tyres fitted. Look good for the road due to the more solid centre tread and have thick tread on the sides for more grip in softer conditions

  37. Hi,

    Thank you for your videos as I want to be able to take care of the bike myself but I am a complete newbie.

    Can you do a video on adjusting your chain a little bit tighter so I do it correctly.

    Thank you again

  38. Hello,

    I used your tutorials to great benefit for a 12,000 mile service on my 2011 tiger XC. Now I have the 2015 Tiger XCX. I will need to do the valve shims adjustment. I have not been able to find information on how to do it anywhere. I Can not find anyone in the US who will charge what I would consider a reasonable rate to do it for me. Can you suggest a book or tutorial? I have been unable to determine what Triumph tools will be needed for the job.

    Thank You,


    1. Hi Dwell

      There’s four tools you need:
      T3880601 Crankshaft timing pin
      T3880609 Torque limiter
      T3880640 Camshaft timing plate
      T3880607 Camshaft timing tensioner
      You’re only going to use all those tools once cause the adjustment only gets done at the first 12,000 miles only.
      The service manual for the XCX should have instructions in it for how to do it. The original 800 service book doesn’t tell you even though the later models have the adjustment to do too, the book was never updated

  39. On a different topic, do you know if ROX 3 1/2″ Risers will work on a Tiger 800xcx? I am sure rerouting cables would be necessary. I am not sure if rerouting would provide enough cable length..

  40. Having trouble removing the cam cover on a 2015 XRX. Do the air box and throttle bodies have to be removed?

    1. What part is hard? Getting it off the head or getting it out from the frame? Take the air box off anyway so there is more space to work

  41. Thanks so much for the videos! I’ve never really taken anything apart before on a bike and used yours to remove/install the front/rear for new tires. Saved me some cash!

    There’s a donation coming your way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now to learn how to do the rest of the servicing on my ’11 Tiger XC.

  42. Fantastic easy to follow instructions, if you are anywhere in the uk I would highly reccomend getting David (Muddysump) to do any type of work on your bike, he did my 12k service properly meaning I can ride in confidence knowing that everything was done professionally and thoroughly.

  43. Hi David love your videos they have given me the confidence to do most of the maintenance tasks myself.
    If I do the brake bleeding on my Tiger 800 ABS 2013 model will I follow your video or does the ABS unit get affected ??
    Cheers Colin Australia

  44. Hi David,

    Your videos are great and saving me lots of money. Oil changed, brakes pads replaced. Next is air filter, coolant and 12K. A donation is coming soon!

    Quick ( somewhat stupid ) question. Can I really remove the tank with fuel in it?

  45. Good morning, my name is Daniel …..
    I follow you from ‘Italy with a lot of passion. I am an owner of a Triumph Tiger 800 road with ABS 2011. I traveled 40,000 km and I decided to do maintenance on my bike.
    Thanks to your video I replaced all the brake pads and I made the decision to ask me any upcoming maintenance. Good day ……… and shame not find a shop with a trusted mechanic who can work as you do in your videos!
    Compliments !!!

    Excuse my English

  46. Good morning,
    I follow you from ‘Italy and I want to congratulate for the site and the maintenance videos. Thanks to you I have replaced all the pads of my Tiger and I made the decision that I will be doing maintenance on the bike.
    Can you post a video to reset the lamp “key support” that I find in the dash?
    I hope to see new videos …….. I follow you always !!! Great!

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